Hana Okada
Hana Okada


Hana Okada





Voice Actor

Kawahima Umika



Episode Appearance


Hana Okada is a childhood friend of Takuto Tsunashi as well as his first crush.


Hana has slim build, she has long brown hair that curls at the ends as well as brown eyes.


Hana is shown to be quiet and reserved as well as she enjoys teasing Takuto. Hana is also shown to deeply care for her friends.



Hana when she was younger.

Before Takuto came to Southern Cross Isle, Hana and Natsuo were close friends with him. Hana and Takuto would often watch Natsuo fly his bicycle plain and look for him after it crashed. It's shown that despite Takuto liking her Hana had feelings for Natsuo. After Natsuo's death due to his illness Hana is shown to only watch Takuto become radiant like Natsuo was.


Takuto TsunashiEdit

When they were younger it was shown that Takuto had feelings for her, however Hana did not feel the same way. Despite being away from Takuto for so long and Takuto having feelings for Wako, it is shown that Hana and Takuto still deeply care for each other.

Natsuo KomoriEdit

It is shown that when Natsuo was alive Hana loved Natsuo for his bright personality.


Hana is first glimpsed in episode 3, in a picture with her Takuto and Natsuo. Hana is invited by Takuto to see his play "Eve of Legend." During a break from the play Hana runs into Wako. After the play Hana meets up with Takuto where he properly introduces her to Wako. After Talking for a while Hana tells Takuto that she has to go despite him not wanting her to. After she leaves Takuto and Wako she passes Sugata and nods to him in which he nods back despite being aware as to who she is or that she knows who he is. She then wishes Takuto good luck and comments on how Sugata is also a catch.

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