Hideki Shibuya is an island resident and doctor. He is also a member of the Glittering Crux Brigade known as Professor Silver.

Hideki Shibuya
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Hideki Shibuya



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Nobuo Tobita




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Professor Silver

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Professor Silver


Hideki is one of the island's residents, the local doctor, and owner of the hospital. He is also a member of the Glittering Crux Brigade's Science Guild under the alias Professor Silver. He alongside Professor Green is responsible for the construction of most of the equipment for Cybody use such as the Cybercaskets and unlocking of the formula for Cybody regeneration. He is also Shingo Makiba's personal doctor during his 17-year coma. He is responsible for the creation of the Overphase System, a machine built to artificially increase the connection between a Cybody and Driver in order to increase the power of the respective Cybody.


Younger Hideki Shibuya in a flashback

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Hideki is an extremely intelligent man, great scientist and professional doctor. He is partially responsible for the construction of the Cybercasket, unlocking the Cybody regeneration formula and possess great knowledge of Cybody mechanics. He is also the creator of the Overphase System, a machine that artificially increases a Cybody phase by increasing the connection between Cybody and Driver.

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