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Hitomi Ishino


Hitomi Ishino





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Maeda Ai



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Hitomi is an english teacher at Southern Cross High as well as Takuto's homeroom teacher.


Hitomi has long brown hair, tanned skin and dark blue eyes. It is shown that her usual attire hides her nicely curved figure. Hitomi is always shown wearing a gym clothes even when teaching, however has been shown wearing highly revealing swimsuits when at parties.


Hitomi is shown to dislike being interupted while teaching her classes and when drunk she can become very loud and agressive. Hitomi is also shown to be very kind and caring towards her students and is shown to be polite.


Nothing is shown about Hitomi's history. It can only be assumed that she was still a teacher prior to the series.


Takuto TsunashiEdit

Takuto and Hitomi are not shown to have any sort of special relationship beyond student and teacher. Despite no being very close she is shown to still care about him.

The HeadmasterEdit

Hitomi is shown to get along very well with the headmaster and even confides in him with her worries.



Ms. Ishino listening to Kanako speaking.

Hitomi is first shown in episode three teaching the class when Kanako interupts the class talking to Takuto. After Kanako starts the conversation she stops writing on the board and stops to listen to what Kanako is saying, however Kanako is stopped by Keito and she is allowed to finish her work.

One day while in class Kanako interupts Hitomi's class and invites everyone to her house for a party. While at the party Hitomi wears a highly revealing swimsuit, gets drunk and constantly shouts at Hiroshi claiming that she was only making a house visit.

Hitomi is later on shown teaching the class when interupted by Kanako again. When Kanako says that she gets bored in class Hitomi shows her annoyance by breaking the chalk on the board.

While takuto, Sugata and Hiroshi have lunch they are joined by the headmaster and Hitomi. While eating at the

Ms. Ishino and the headmaster joining the students.

table the headmaster and Hitomi he explains that he wanted to join them because if he and Hitomi were to eat alone it would start rumors to which Hitomi says she wouldnt mind the rumors. Hitomi identifies Takuto, Sugata and Hiroshi as her students to which the headmaster states the

Ms. Ishino talking to the headmaster about Takuto and Sugata.

different groups they are in. The group starts talking about the midnight flight club's play to which she notices tension between Takuto and Sugata. Later on Hitomi is shown talking to the headmaster about how Takuto and Sugata appear to have a heavy burden on them to which the headmaster replies that they must sort it out themselves.