Ikurou Tsunashi
Ikurou Tsunashi


Ikurou Tsunashi



Voice Actor

Hidekatsu Shibata




Grandson: Takuto Tsunashi Son: Reiji Miyabi

Episode Appearance


Ikurou Tsunashi is not only the grandfather of Takuto, but also the previous owner of the Tau mark hence making him Takuto's predecessor as the Galactic Pretty Boy. His son is Tokio Tsunashi, Takuto's father, who now goes by the name Reiji Miyabi.


Ikurou has spiky gray hair going back with one long strand in the front. Ikurou is also thin due to old age and has sharp crimson eyes.


Ikurou is calm and collected and deeply cares for his grandson. Ikurou is also shown to be wise.


Prior to the start of the series Ikurou was the Galactic Pretty Boy. Ikurou took care of Takuto after he was abandoned by his father. After the death of Takuto's friend Natsuo, Ikurou noticed the change in Takuto and decided to pass on the Tau mark to him.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

As the previous Galactic Pretty Boy, Ikutou likely possesses the same abilities as his grandson in swordsmanship, hand-to-hand combat, and as a Star Driver having taught him everything.


Despite having the Tau mark Ikurou has never activated Tauburn.

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