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Nunna is the 14th hidden Cybody of the Southern Cross Island and one of the four "Maiden". Its pilot is Kitano Miko, the North Maiden. North Maiden fell in love with Tokio so she destroyed her own seal for him.


Nunna nt 2013-01


Nunna is only seen in its statue form in the series because the North Maiden seal holds back the second phase and as such was destroyed before ever being apprivoised. However in the movie the Cybody form of Nunna was glimpsed for a few moments before it was destroyed by Tokio. Its appearance is similar to Wawna. However, its arms have side blades in it, it does not have metal pieces floating around it like Wawna in the hips, it only has one braid of hair and it has a hood that resembles one that Nuns usually wear.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Not much is known about Nunna's abilities, but as a Maiden Cybody it's probably completely inept for combat and frail. It's powers were only used as a seal to hold the Cybody second phase.


  • As each of the Maidens Cybodies colour is usually based off of the colour of the Maiden's hair it can be assumed that Nunna may be blue in colour.
  • Its form was revealed in Star Driver The Movie and was shown to have a similar appearance to the Wawna.

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