Coffin of the overphase 8

Overphase System

The Overphase System is a machine of the Glittering Crux Brigade built by Professor Silver to artifically increase the connection of a Star Driver to its respective Cybody. It is used as a means to fight Tauburn.


The Overphase System is composed of two equal parts that encage the Cybody and the Driver; each part is made of several puzzle-like pieces which when combined take a coffin-like appearence.


This system works in several steps. First the Cybody is locked in one of the coffin halves. Second the Driver is placed in a small container similar to the inside of a Cybercasket and locked as well. The Driver is injected with a special cocktail which attunes their body to the Orichalcum that composes their Cybody and the Driver then apprivoises it's respective Cybody. When done the Driver's body undergoes massive physical changes, taking the form of a glowing white giant that is then covered and locked on the coffin's other half. Both halves then combine and form the full machine where the Driver is fused to it's Cybody.

Result Edit


Madoka Kei and her Cybody Heigent under the effects of the Overphase System

The result is a fusion of Cybody and Driver creating a being whose appearence resembles a mix of both. This causes the Star Driver to gain better control over his Cybody moving its body like the Driver's own and an immense power-boost that allows it to overpower extremely powerful opponents such as Takuto's upgraded Tauburn.


Despite the system's powerful effects it came with a host of drawbacks. The risk factor for the Driver was above that of Cybody regenaration. Due to the fact that Driver and Cybody are one, if the Cybody is destroyed the Driver is also killed. Likewise the system's greatest fault was that its effects could be easily broken by a Maiden's powers, returning Cybody and Driver to their original forms.

Subjects usedEdit

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