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Episode 19 "The Trio's Sunday"

Qophlite is 19th Cybody hidden in Southern Cross Island and is piloted by Kou Atari, known as "Needle Star" in the Glittering Crux Brigade.




Qophlite has a more streamlined version of the basic Cybody physique with large forearms, narrow waist, large hips and thin legs as well as the basic golden joints and mask. A unique feature is that instead of the basic red eyes Qophlite has a visor similar to an aviator's helmet. It's colours are mostly a dark-grey with yellow sections and the blue orb on the chest. Another unique characteristic to this Cybody are the two large pointed wings that extend from its waist to above it's head. It can also change its form to something similar to a fighter jet plane.

Skills and abilitiesEdit

Qophlite is one of the "Warrior" type Cybody and as such its fighting power and destructive force are considerable. Its fighting style is mostly based around striking and overwhelming its opponent with its flight mode much like a fighter jet attacks a grounded target.

Flight ModeEdit

Flight mode

Qophlite Flight Mode

An ability unique to Qophlite that allows it to transform into a triangular fighter jet-like form capable of flying at

high speeds and equipped with a needle-like laser gun with a high rate of fire.

First PhaseEdit

Eye of the Needle: Qophlite's first phase allows the pilot to take control of someone's body by looking at them through the eye of a needle. When looking through the eye of a needle the pilot can also see through walls and ceilings.

Attacks and WeaponsEdit


Star Sword Opale: Qophlite's variant of the Star Sword, it was used for short time before being disarmed by
Star Sword Opale

Star Sword Opale


Needle Gun 1

Needle Gun Qophlite

Needle Gun

When in its flight mode Qophlite utilizes a needle shaped gun which shoots multiple-rapid but relatively weak laser shots.

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