Ruri Makina
Ruri Makina
Ruri Makina


Ruri Makina


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Voice Actor

Emiri Katou



Episode Appearance

1. The Galactic Pretty Boy

Ruri Makina is a first year student at Southern Cross High. She is the childhood and best friend of Wako Agemaki as well as a good friend of Takuto Tsunashi.


Ruri has a slender appearance with short brown hair often worn with a yellow hair band and brown eyes.


Ruri is shown to be very energetic and playful most of the time. It can also be said that Ruri may over-react at times as well as she is not afraid to show her jealous or enraged side. Ruri is also shown to be easily wooed by attractive males such as Takuto and Sugata despite having a boyfriend.


Prior to the start of the series Ruri was best friends with Wako and they were even seated in the same class while in middle school. Its also shown that she is childhood friends with Sugata as well.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Ruri is shown to be an excellent cook being able to make dishes like croquettes and even her specialty, meat and potatoes.


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