Sarina Endo
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Sarina Endo





Voice Actress

Sakamoto Maaya



Episode Appearance

2. The Challenge of the Holy Order of Glittering Stars

A third-year and president of Midnight Flight, the school drama club. Just like the other members of the club she is aware of the Order 's plans and supports Takuto and the maidens. She loves acting and her fellow club members. At first it is unknown if she has a connection to the Cybodies or if she just know about them, but it is later in episode 22 through the Night Flight Club's drama production revealed that both she and the Vice President (fox) are members of an alien race called the Entropeople who created all the cybodies. They claim that Cybodies were never intended for human use - except for Tauburn, which they suppose may possess hidden abilities, presumably due to a lack of testing before abandoning their creations. Sarina and the vice president have been sent by the Entropeople to oversee the cybodies but are not allowed to interfere with or limit their use. Sarina has a positive personality, and hopes that the current situation will end well, becoming irritated when Reiji Miyabi instantly assumes that the story in the play - made to explain the history of Cybodies to Takuto, and mirroring the current situation - will end poorly had it been followed to it's ending.