Shingo Makiba


Shingo Makiba




No information

Voice Actor

Asanuma Shintarou




Sinpathy (former)

Episode Appearance

20. The Rainbow Painted That Day


Shingo's mark "Sin"

Shingo Makiba is a Star Driver with a real mark and wielder of the Cybody Sinpathy. 17 years prior to the series he befriended the Crux member Reiji Miyabi developing a close relationship to him to the point of giving his mark and Cybody willingly to him, however he fell into a coma before this could happen. He finally awakens from a 17 year-coma in episode 24 and keeps his promise to Reiji passing his mark onto him.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

First PhaseEdit

Although not explicitly stated it's implied by Shingo that his first phase stops the aging process of his body. This is further evidenced by the fact that his physical appearance remained exactly the same for 17 years.

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