Simone Aragon
Simone Aragon

Birth Name

Pamela Aragon





Voice Actress

Taketatsu Ayana


Leon Watanabe (Father) Mélisande Aragon (Mother) Mylène Aragon (Sister) Kanako Watanabe (Step-Mother)

Glittering Crux Brigade Division

Adult Bank





Episode Appearance

2. The Challenge of the Holy Order of Glittering Stars


Simone's mark "Daleth"

Working as Kanako Watanabe's assistant, she also is part of the Order's "Adult Bank" squad. Seems to have a crush on Takashi. Simone is also a Cybody pilot, her Cybody being named Daletos. Her real name is Pamela Watanabe, Leon Watanabe's daughter and thus Kanako's step-daughter. After being involved in an accident, Kanako apprivosed to save her life. Not knowing this fact, she works with Kanako to get revenge on her. After finding out, she more or less reconciles with Kanako, while still putting up the front of disliking her. When she talked to Takuto about it, she seemed to imply how close they were. In that same scene, Takuto appears to have charmed her, and she now holds feelings for him, while commenting on how many girls he has charmed.

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