Southern Cross Isle2

Southern Cross Isle

Southern Cross Isle is an island located south of Japan where the story of Star Driver takes place. According to many locals as well as people foreign to the island it is a place where one can "sing out their youth."


Not much is known about the history of the island other than the fact that at one point gold was once mined from the island but the mines were eventually shut down. The island is also shown to be the home of the cybodies altough it hs not been shown how they got there or when.


Southern Cross Isle is located near two volcanoes causing tectonic activity when the volcanoes are active.


Despite being considered a deserted island by Takuto, Southern Cross Isle has shown numerous locations.

Southern Cross HighEdit


The New School Building.

This is the local high school at Southern Cross Isle. Th

The Old School Building.

e school consists of the New Scool building, where classes are held and the Old School building which is no longer used for classes and instead used for the Night Flight Club.

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