Tiger Sugatame
Tiger Sugatame


Tiger Sugatame





Voice Actress

Touyama Nao




Heigent (forced to pilot)

Episode Appearance

1. The Galactic Pretty Boy

Tiger is a first-year student at Southern Cross High School. She works as a personal maid for Sugata, she is a member of the Night Flight Club and is also one of the few people on the island aware of the existence of cybodies.


Tiger has a slender figure, short blue hair, yellow eyes and wears glasses. Tiger is shown to wear a first year uniform when at school, when doing her maid duties she wears a maid uniform with a tiger tale and cat ears, when fighting she wars a black ninja outfit with the same tiger tale and cat ears and when at the beach she wears a tiger designed swimsuit.


Compared to Jaguar, Tiger is shown to be more friendly as well as easy going. It's shown that Tiger also deeply cares for Sugata, however at the same time isn't afraid to show her attraction to Takuto.


Prior to the start of the series Tiger is shown to have worked under the Shindo family even in childhood. When she was young Sugata would read to her and it is shown that she can remember a time when her read a story to her about a tiger, maple syrup and pancakes.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Tiger is shown to be proficient at sports, good enough to catch a ball at baseball. It is shown that she and Jaguar are also very skilled with a sword to the point where it is also their task to assassinate Sugata should he leave the island.


Sugata ShindoEdit

She is shown to be in love with Sugata despite him being betrothed to Wako and is shown to be deeply concerned when something is wrong with Sugata. She is also shown to get jealous when other girls make a move on Sugata such as Keito. Sugata hasn't shown any deeper feeling towards Tiger other than friendship even when she admitted to liking him.

Takuto TsunashiEdit

Tiger is shown to be fond of Takuto and some might even say attracted to him as she always screams in excitement when Takuto does something that she thinks is hot. Takuto is shown to think of Tiger as his friend and also enjoys her cooking.

Wako AgemakiEdit

Despite Wako being betrothed to the man she loves, Tiger has been shown to get along well with Wako and thinks of her as a friend to the point where she supports thier relationship.

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