Tzadikt 3



Cybody Type


Star Driver Pilot

Takashi Dai


Adult Bank

Hidden Cybody Number



Heavily Damaged

Star Sword(s)

One (Amethyst)

Episode Appearance

03. Adult Bank

25. Our Apprivoiser

Tzadikt is 18th hidden Cybody of the Southern Cross island. It is piloted by Takashi Dai known in the Glittering Crux Brigade as "Banker".




Tzadikt is shown as a mostly orange coloured Cybody with large shoulders and large, "baggy" legs as well as unique forearm protrusions. These elements combined with it's mask and long purple hair give it the theme of a kabuki actor wearing a typical Japanese male kimono.

Part in the storyEdit

Adult BankEdit

Tzadikt is the third opponent to face Tauburn; Takashi draws the Star Sword Amethyst to fight while Tauburn draws Star Sword Emeraude. Much like their previous fight Takashi easily outfights and overwhelms Takuto with several strikes and thrusts knocking Tauburn down multiple times. Takashi them uses a technique called Divine Snowstorm, a series of multiple rapid thrusts which is effective. Takuto unable to fight in these conditions draws a second Star Sword called Saphir and is revealed to be a dual-wielder. With this Tauburn turns the tables on Tzadikt and uses a new attack, the Galactic Cross Slash slicing Tzadikt into pieces and destroying it.

Our Apprvoiser Edit

Tzadikt made it's last appearance after Samekh under Reiji's control revived the fallen cybody along with the other destoryed cybodies. They overpowered Tauburn but Takashi regained his cybody mark and recovered his cybody to destroy the remaining cybodies controlled by Samekh. Tzadikt easily destroyed the revived Lamedhos with his Divine Snowstorm technique but the revived Zayninas attempted to attack Tzadikt from behind by using its Zayinasphere techninque but it was stopped by Simone who was piloting the revived Daletos who created a barrier blocking Zaynina's attack to protect Takashi allowing him to finish off Zayninas with Tzadikt's Divine Snowstorm. Tzadikt along with revived cybodies recovered by their original pilots are easily defeated by Samekh's King's Pillar.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Tzadikt is a "Warrior" type Cybody and as such it's suited for combat. It's fighting style much like that of it's Driver Takashi, specializes in sword fighting, more specifically kendo, and as such, makes this Cybody an excellent swordsman.

Attacks and WeaponsEdit

Divine Snowstorm

Divine Snowstorm

Tzadickt attacking with the technique ' Divine Snowstorm '

The technique "Divine Snowstorm" consists of Tzadikt using the Star Sword Amethyst to apply several consecutive thrusts, reducing the enemy's means of escape.

Sword Star Amethyst

Tzadikt handling the Sword Star Amethyst.

Star Sword Amethyst

Tzadikt wields the Star Sword variant Amethyst. It's purple in color and shaped like a katana.