Yoddock 3

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Star Driver Pilot

Midori Okamoto


Science Guild

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Heavily Damaged

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Yoddock is the 10th hidden Cybody of the Southern Cross Island. It's Driver is Midori Okamoto known in the Glittering Crux Brigade as the leader of the Science Guild "Professor Green"




Yoddock appearance resembles that of a crow-like scientist, with large cylindrical hips and extremely thin legs that appear as medical syringes and a series of protursions on the back side of it's head that look like a stereotypical scientist's grey hair. The front part of it's head is long and beak-shaped. It's arms are segmented and covered with a series of plates which are also segmented that go from the top of it's shoulders to the near it's feet, resembling wings. It's colours are mostly black and grey. 

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Yoddock is one of the "Warrior" class and as such possesses great destructive force and durability. It possessed great strength as it was able to throw Tauburn to the ground by grabbing him by the leg with one arm. It's abilities mostly revolve around defense and predicting a foe movements.

Sphere FormEdit

185px-PUNCH Star Driver - 05 HD-13-36-22-

Yoddock in sphere mode

Using the segmented plates on both its arms Yoddock can curl it's body into a sphere in order to increase its mobility and defensive power to the point where it could take a direct hit from two Star Swords.


Using a special device built into her Cybercasket, Midori can observe actions several seconds before time allowing her to effectively predict and counter an opponent's actions.

185px-PUNCH Star Driver - 05 HD-19-34-09-

Precog device

185px-PUNCH Star Driver - 05 HD-19-15-54-

Precog visualization

First PhaseEdit

Space-Time manipulation: Yoddock's ability which allows Midori to reverse her physical appearance to that of a teenager. This first phase however has a side effect of causing earthquakes if used for too long.